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A great protoss strategy ( that actually works!)

 by Fjsdl


In my opinion, I think the protoss is the most unpredictable race. When you face a terran player in 1v1, your probably like " figures, another MMM strategy, didn't see that one comming." And with the zerg you probably think " I will be genuinely surprised if he doesn't do a rush, mass muta, or roach/hydra strategy." But with the protoss, you have no idea what is comming. It might be a mass colossus, a 4 gate, or some other good strategy that will compleatly throw you off surprise. So what I am about to tell you, you can go ahead and add to the vast array of protoss strategies already in your mind.


Against Terran:

The key thing to think about when facing a terran player is, KILL THE WALL If you have to: beat it, chew it, even sit on it , do everything it takes to kill the wall. And when it is probably the most easy to accomplish this task is towards the beginning of the game, when there are no siege tanks or other big and menacing pieces of machinery. You start off like this: build a pylon at around 8 supply, crono boost until around 11. Build your gate way at 10 supply and immediately pump out the zealot. When the zealot finishes, you should have around 13 probes and another pylon. Send zealot asap and save up for cybernetics core. When the cybernetics core is finished, you should have saved up enough minerals for another gateway and a few more probes, your zealot should have also reached the enemies base by now. The Key thing to think about if the player does not have the wall up is to be as annoying as possible, keeping the enemy occupied with the zealot and not with teching up, while at the same time teching up yourself ( by now you should have at least 3 gateways and a possible robo) while the enemy is making more and more marines to deal with the zealot, you will already have many more zealots and a stalker or 2. When you have a larger force than his ( which considering protoss has the most powerful units...) attack. If he somehow stops you, you should have been making and army back in your base ready for the second wave. He's practically dead meat by now.


Against Zerg:

If you have played a lot of sc2 in your lifetime, you have probably already come up with the solution that zerg might be good at harassment, but are crappy at defence. Which in the long run, just makes it more easy for us to defeat them. This strategy is very similar to the strategy above, just when facing zerg, you need to remember that 33.3% of the time they will rush you. So you need to make shure that you scout what strategy they are doing, so that you can properly deal with it. When facing a ling rush, mabey make the 2 zealot before the ciby. And since zealots counter lings... lets just say that they might as well gg. But the true beauty of the strategy against zerg is that if you time it correctly, you will be inside their base before they can make mutas, and if they do have a few roaches, you can Easily destroy them with the stalker and zealot combo.


Against Protoss

When I face a protoss player, I usually think " darn, I'll actually have to think to defeat this one... I might need to TRY!" because with the other 2 races, you have a plan that always defeats them, but with protoss, there are 2 things you need to watch out for... If their making a cybernetics core before or after the first zealot. this proves a problem because, if you send a zealot and the enemy has a stalker, than your in trouble, because he can just out micro you and kill the "annoying" zealot, but if you scout the ciby, that wait till you have a larger force and attack. If you see that he is pumping out the zealot first, than you can do vis-versa and out micro him for a change. This is why I said at the beginning of this paragraph that you have try, if you gonna defeat a protoss player, you need to out micro, macro, and everything in between to defeat him.

The truly beautiful thing about this strategy, is that it is very adaptable, being able to branch off to other tech trees if the beginning strategy doesn't work... which is nearly impossible, so good luck, and may the sc2 form of the force be with you!

09 Mar 2011 | Comments (0)
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