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Comprehensive guide to zerg

 by Seven

Comprehensive Guide to (the most Awesome Race Ever:) Zerg

By a 6 year SC1 Zerg Veteran.

HPHit Points
(letter)      Hotkey
#sTime in Seconds

General Units

Larva (s) - Light, Biological, HP: 25, Arm: 10

Drone (d) - Light, Biological, HP: 40, Arm: 0, Dmg: 5. 50/0 17s. Supply: 1

Overlord (v) - Armored, Biological, HP: 200, Arm: 0, 100/0 25s.

  • Generate Creep (G) - On the spot explosive diarrhea of creep. (Overlord has to stand still to do this)
  • Stop Generating (C) - Stops generating creep.
  • Morph Overseer (V) - Requires Lair - Overseers can detect, fly a bit faster, and morph a changeling. 50/100, 17s.

Overseer (v) - Armored, Biological, HP: 200, Arm: 1. Base NRG: 50, Max NRG: 200

  • Changeling (C) - HP: 5, Arm: 0, Life span: 150s. - Can turn into zergling, marine, or zealot, depending on the first enemy unit it sees.


Queen (q) - Requires Spawning Pool - Psionic, Biological, HP: 175, Arm: 1. Base NRG: 25, Max NRG: 200.

Dmg (Acid spines vs air): 9, R:7,

Dmg (Claws vs ground): 4(x2), R:3. Both attack speeds are "fast". Supply: 2

  • Spawn Larva (R) - Barfs 4 larvae into a hatchery. After 40 seconds, all 4 larvae pop out to be used. NRG: 25
  • Spawn Creep Tumor (C) - Poops a creep tumor on the spot, which generates creep and has the ability to spawn one additional creep tumor. NRG: 25
  • Transfusion (T) - Gives a Zerg unit/building 125 health. NRG: 50, R: 7


Infestor (f) - Requires Infestation Pit - Armored, Biological, Psionic. HP: 90, Base NRG: 50, Max NRG: 200. Arm: 0. Supply: 2

  • Infested Terran (T) - Launches an egg from its ass, which turns into an infested marine that shoots. NRG: 25
  • Neural Parasite (R) - "Controls" a unit for a temporary amount of time. It must be channeled, which means the Infestor must not die or move. Air units are immune. NRG: 50
  • Fungal Growth (F) - Deals damage to a small area, while immobilizing the units within. NRG: 75.



Ground Army

Zergling (z) - Requires Spawning Pool - Light, Biological, HP: 35, Arm: 0, 50/0, 24s, Supply: 0.5

Dmg (claws): 5, Attack speed: Fast.

  • Metabolic Boost - Zergling runs faster 20%. 100/100, 110s.
  • Adrenal Glands - Requires Hive - Zergling attacks 20% faster. 200/200. 130s.
  • Morph Baneling (E) - Requires Baneling nest - 25/25, 20s. No additional Supply needed.

Baneling (e) - Biological, HP: 30, Arm: 0.

Dmg (Volatile burst): 15 (+20 vs. light). Attack speed: Fast.

  • Centrifugal Hooks - Increases Baneling speed. 150/150, 110s.

Roach (r) - Requires Roach Warren - Armored, Biological, HP: 145, Arm: 2, Supply: 1. Rapid regeneration when burrowed

Dmg (Acid Saliva): 16, R: 3.  Attack speed: normal.

  • Glial Reconstitution (G) - Roaches move faster. 100/100, 110s.
  • Tunnelling Claws (T) - Allows Roaches to move underground. 150/150, 110s.
  • Organic Carapace (O) - Roaches heal faster burrowed and unburrowed. 150/150, 110s.


Hydralisk (h) - Requires Hydralisk Den - Light, Biological, HP: 90, Arm: 0, Supply: 2. The Hydralisk is the only Ground unit (besides Infested Terran) that can hit air.

Dmg (Needle Spines): 12, R: 5. Attack speed: fast.

  • Grooved Spines (G) - Hydralisks move faster. 150/150, 80s.

Ultralisk (u) - Requires Ultralisk Cavern - Armored, Biological, Massive. HP: 600, Arm: 1. Supply: 6

Dmg (Kaiser Blades): 18, R: 1, Attack Speed: Fast.

Dmg (Head Attack vs. buildings): 60, R: 1, Attack speed: Normal.

  • Anabolic Synthesis (A) - Ultralisk moves faster. 150/150, 110s.
  • Chitinous Plating (C) - +2 Armor for Ultralisks. 150/150, 110s.


The Cleave ability of the Ultralisk lets it do damage to a small area. Great for splashing marines

Infested Terran (t) - HP: 50, Arm: 2. Dmg: 5, R: 5. Duration: 20s.

Broodling - Spawns when a building is destroyed; Spawned by Broodlords. Light, Biological. HP: 30, Arm: 0,

Dmg: 4. Attack speed: fast.



Air Units

Mutalisk (t) - Requires Spire - Light, Biological. HP: 120, Arm: 0. Supply: 2

Dmg (Glaive Worm): 9, R: 3, Attack speed: Normal.

Corruptor (c) - Requires Spire - Armored, Biological. HP: 200, Arm: 2. Supply: 2. Base NRG: 50, Max NRG: 200. Corruptors only attack air units.

Dmg (Parasite spore): 12 (+10 vs Massive), R: 6. Attack speed: Normal.

  • Corruption (C) - Disables a building for 30 seconds. NRG: 75
  • Morph Broodlord (B) - Requires Greater Spire - 150/150, 34s, Supply: 4


10 extra damage vs battlecruisers? Kickass!

Broodlord (b) - Requires Greater Spire - Armored, Biological, Massive. HP: 275, Arm: 2. Attacks Ground Units only.

Dmg (Broodling Strike): ~25, R: 9.




Spine Crawler (c) - HP: 300, Arm: 2, Dmg: 20 (+10 vs armored) R: 7. 100/0, 50s. Attacks Ground units only. Attack speed: Normal.

  • Uproot (R) - Unburrows; can move around and burrow again (R).

Spore Crawler (w) - HP: 400, Arm: 1, Dmg: 15, R: 7. 100/0, 30s. Attacks air units only. Detector. Attack speed: Fast.

  • Uproot (R) - Unburrows; can move around and burrow again (R).

Hatchery (h) - 300/0, 100s. HP: 1250. Arm: 1

Lair (from Hatch) - Requires Spawning Pool - 150/100, 80s. HP: 1800. Arm: 1

  • Burrow - 100/100, 100s. For builds utilizing Roaches, it is important to get this early. Not only does burrow protect your units (late game, vs heat seeker missile), the Infestor also uses it very well.
  • Pneumatized Carapace - 50/50, 60s. Faster Overlord movement: It is so much cheaper than Broodwar, so I suggest you get this when your lair isn't doing anything else important.
  • Ventral Sacs - 200/200, 130s. Overlord transport enabled.

Hive (from Lair) - Requires Infestation Pit - 250/100, 100s. HP: 2500. Arm: 1

Extractor (e) - 25/0, 30s. HP: 500.

Spawning Pool (s) - 200/0, 65s. HP: 750.

Evolution Chamber (v) - 75/0, 35s. HP: 750.

  • Level 1 Melee Attack (m) - 100/100, 160s. Level 2 Melee Attack (m) - 150/150, 190s. Level 3 Melee Attack (m) - 200/200, 220s.
  • Level 1 Missile Attack (a) - 100/100, 160s. Level 2 Missile Attack (a) - 150/150, 190s. Level 3 Missile Attack (a) - 200/200, 220s.
  • Level 1 Carapace (c) - 150/150, 160s. Level 2 Carapace (c) - 225/225, 190s. Level 3 Carapace (c) - 300/300, 220s.

Note: Melee Attack boosts Zergling, Baneling, Ultralisk, Broodling

Note: Missile Attack boosts Hydralisk, Roach, Infested Terran

Roach Warren (r) - 150/0, 55s. HP: 850.

Baneling Nest (b) - 100/0, 60s. HP: 850.

Baneling Nest

Hydralisk Den (h) - 100/100, 40s. HP: 650.

Infestation Pit (i) - 100/100, 50s. HP: 850.

  • Peristalsis (P) - 100/100, 60s. Allows the Infestor to move faster while burrowed.
  • Pathogen Glands (G) - 150/150, 80s. Infestor starts out with +25 more energy. Highly Recommend to upgrade this first! It means your Infestor comes out with the ability to Fungal Growth!

Spire (s) - 200/200, 100s. HP: 600.

  • Level 1 Flyer Attack (a) - 100/100, 160s. Level 2 Flyer Attack (a) - 175/175, 190s. Level 3 Flyer Attack (a) - 250/250, 220s.
  • Level 1 Flyer Carapace (c) - 150/150, 160s. Level 2 Flyer Carapace (c) - 225/225, 190s. Level 3 Flyer Carapace (c) - 300/300, 220s.

Greater Spire (g) - 100/150, 100s. HP: 1000

Nydus Network (n) - 150/200, 50s. HP: 850

  • Nydus Worm (N) - 100/100, 20s.

Ultralisk Cavern (u) - 150/200, 65s. HP: 600

All buildings are Armored. Besides the Hatchery, every building has Armor: 0.


Do not try and memorize the build time and minerals! Instead, think of them relative to one another. Note how each upgrade takes the exact amount of time. Learn the build time of your spawning pool (since you'll always see it every game) and compare other structures to the build time of the pool (ie, Roach Warren and Baneling nest slightly faster, hatchery almost twice the time, etc.)

It is interesting to note how Melee upgrades boost broodling attack, and Flyer attack boosts Broodlord attack. I tested this in game: the Broodlord shows a boosted attack (base 25 up to 28 off one upgrade), as well as the spawned broodling had its melee boost (4 to 5, off one upgrade).

You'll notice that many units are categorized into "light, armored, or massive."  Some units (banelings, etc) deal bonus damage against light units. Some units (marauders, etc) deal bonus damage to armored units. Some spells (Graviton Beam, etc) do not affect massive units. It is critical to know what your unit type is. If you are unsure, always remember to get a healthy mix of units.

A final note about the Corruptor. Corruption is quite useful in disabling defensive structures (Planetary fortress, cannons, etc) for your army to raid expansions. However, corruption on a pylon does not disable its power, nor its ability to warp in units.  Upgrade structures that are corrupted will only pause the upgrade, not cancel it. If you do use corruptors, remember to keep its energy low. Slowing down important upgrades would have great effect in the game.

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Tabasco wrote (2010-03-29 10:42:37)

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Wonderful source of information right here! It's very useful for reference, thank you!

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Miyavi wrote (2010-03-26 16:48:06)

avatar Reaper

I really like the layout.

However, what would be really great is more information from you, more tips. More "Guide" stuff I mean :)


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Jame wrote (2010-03-26 16:42:04)

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This is awesome. Perfect example of how a guide should look.

Thumbs up!

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