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Build order: zvp speedling rush

 by Nigol
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10/10 Extractor trick
11/10 Spawning Pool
10/10 Overlord
13/18 Extractor
13/18 Queen
15/18 Overlord
@100 Gas, Metabolic Boost (I usually pull 2 drones away from gas since 90% of the games you win with pure speedlings)
From then its Zergling production with every larva that pops with the occasional Overlord

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : speedling rush  normal  

Mothership vs. carrier

 by Alexh
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I am tired of people complaining about this overpriced arbiter. I'm sure you noticed that there is no arbiter in SC2. It's not like you're paying 3x the price for a unit you could've had sooner. You can't ahve the arbiter; you can onyl have the Mothership. Strategies have changed in the new game. Where once the arbiter's cloaking, stasis, and recall were integral parts of Protoss strategy (I assume, because I never played competitively), they're now a high-end, limited part. Blizzard wanted fewer chances to insanely manipulate the field. Protoss is a little more balanced toward straight combat now, I guess. It's not like that stuff is gone; if you get a Mothership and you're careful, you can still dominate. You didn't waste your resources. Those abilities, which once were wielded by the humble arbiter, are now more valuable to a Protoss player, and thus you have to pay more.

Now, I'm not saying that the cost of a Mothership is perfectly balanced to its utility (though it's close, at least). I am saying that you should no longer expect to get those abilities in mass and for the price of an arbiter. I can only assume that the regular Protoss army is just a little more viable
without those abilities, but I don't know this for sure. (I know that they are viable without them, even if they were in SC1, already.)

Plus, the Vortex also sucks in any units that approach after its creation. I'm pretty sure the Stasis didn't do this. This allows escape of wounded units, and an unwary opponent might end up losing additional units in dense bases. Sound the charge! Into glory ride!

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26 Mar 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : mothership  

Platinum level starcraft 2 game terran vs protoss lion vs painuser

 by Alexh
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Hey guys hows it going? I have an awesome game for you today between two Platinum level players playing as Terran and Protoss. The Terran goes Marines/Marauders with two Ghost to EMP the Terran in case he gets High Templars or Sentries. The Protoss goes Stalkers with a few Zealots and Sentries. Interesting build orders by both players, and great placement of a Pylon by the Protoss player to watch for enemies approaching his base that you’ll want to remember. This game has an epic battle at the end. If you want to see a cool 2v2 video check out this one.


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27 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : 2v2 game  

Choosing random

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Hi I'm new to the site and this is my first guide.

This is about choosing random. Random gives you an advantage over your opponent. He doesn't know what you are, but you know what he is. The biggest thing is, your opponent will not be comfortable in the early game. If he has a special build that doesn't use an early scout, he would have to change it so that he could scout your race early on.  Builds that have an early part that rely on knowing what your opponent's race is, cannot work very well.

A lot of ppl complain about random players, but its actually a very hard thing to master. You have to be able to play all 9 match ups, which is three times the amount of practice you normally would do. Here are some general tips:

Always scout! People sometimes say they don't want to reveal what their race is, so they hold the scout back. I like to sneak my scout into the middle of the map and avoid their scouts.

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29 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : random  

Extractor trick - getting an extra drone

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This is a relatively simple Zerg technique, seemingly obvious yet very few use it, and easy to implement in the game. You know how you spend Drones on buildings rather than drones building them? You can use that to your advantage in very early game as a Zerg player. 

You start out with 6 drones and 10 supply (to be replenished with Overlords). On your 9th or 10th Drone, you get either your Spawning Pool (called "9 Pool", "10 Pool", early Pool) or get an Overlord. Getting more Drones is not an option till you get your second Overlord, and you certainly cannot have 11 Drones immediately before getting that second Overlord spawned. OR CAN YOU?

An Extractor costs 25 minerals. So get your 10th Drone to morph an Extractor. When it starts morphing, supply goes down by 1, allowing you to spawn a Drone. Then cancel that Extractor, and the Egg morphing the 11th Drone is still intact, and you can time an Overlord at the same time. 

This allows you to get an extra Drone out faster. Very useful in ZvZ, or any other matchup to give that small yet crucial economic edge in the early game. This can be applied later as well, but it is most useful in the early game so I suggest that you do use this.

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30 Mar 2010 | Comments (1)
Tags : zerg  drone  supply  
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