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Printable sc2 maps

 by Ngtvcrp
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While waiting for the final release of SC2 with Blizzard sorting all the issues out (so much post-patch13 lag!), I decided to learn the maps that are most popular. From watching the replays, I would like to chart out what the players are doing on a map. If ur like me who hasn't played SC for ages, learning the new maps will help u out. Alas, the prob is there are no printable maps around after i googled for it (the dark colors really make ur prints look like carbon paper). 

So decided to do the next best thing and edit the high res maps myself (thx @teamliquidnet) by converting the colors on MS paint.

All I did was made the pic into "negative" and "auto-balance" the colors. Thats it. 

Now after printing it looks MUCH better and i can highlight all the choke points. minerals, enemy position, etc. 

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24 May 2010 | Comments (1)
Tags : map  print  

Starcraft 2 - how to beat terran as zerg

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As a Zerg player, it can often feel hopeless winning against Terran mech. In this guide, I will present a fool-proof way to beat Terran players as Zerg in a 1v1 match-up.

When playing a Terran player as Zerg, there are a few things you can take advantage of. First off, note that no self-respecting Terran player would attempt to rush a Zerg player in a 1v1 match-up. Here is how nearly every Zerg vs Terran match plays out at a high level:

1. Terran goes for a timed Hellion push.

2. Zerg player techs for Mutalisks, Roaches, or Hydralisks.

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20 Jun 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : zerg  terran  strategy  vs terran  guide  

Expand expand expand

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I have played quite a few games where my opponent did not expand at all.  I crushed him easily.  When you expand you can double your resource collection rate and therefore double your army.  I expand to at least 2 or 3 expansions in any of my games. Some of my opponents who did not expand where making units very slowly and only a few production building. I on the other hand had 3 barracks, 2 factories, and 3 starports. I was able to create a large sized army in a matter of 2 minutes. He had a few marines an marauders while I had some siege tanks, some upgraded marines and marauders, and some banshees.  I destroyed him easily. That is why you should always be looking to expand.

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10 Sep 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : expand  

Starting strategy

 by Pyro
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Now having build orders are great to have when versing prodictabe opponets. However the vast majority of games are not prodictable and acting and reacting occur though out the game, this is where the build orders fall apart when people have built the counter units.

I suggest a instead of a build order to have a constant supply of units that is constantly changing. This is acually quite easy to achive.

This is called the Pylon probe Strategy. This works with Protoss and Terran. Requires good macroing.

The aim of this is to have a constant supply of probes/SCVs being produced along with Pylons/Supply. The aim is to never get supply blocked. (it is posable). As your income of minerals and gas is always incressing because of your Probes/SCVs it is posable for a steady expation.

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14 Oct 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : dosnt work as zerg  

How to rush effectively with zerglings

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This rush is an easy build that can work well against almost anyone.

The first thing you need to know is that it is a fast build, so it can usually beat one player, whether you're in a 1v1, 2v2, etc.  The key is timing, but all I'm going to explain is the build order.

To start this build, you'll want to build one drone (after other drones start mining).  Now after that you can go two ways, 8 pool or 9 pool.  If you 8 pool, you are basically reducing the time on this build, but you'll be a little less productive if you end up going into late-game.  I recommend the 8 pool, since it is so fast you can almost always get to the enemy base before anything useful gets out (marines/zealots/lings).  So, build drones according to your plan (watch supply for 8 or 9) then make a spawning pool.  After that, make two drones, regardless of 8 or 9 pool, then an overlord.  If you 8 pool, the overlord should pop up about 5 seconds before your spawning pool.  A little longer if you 9 pool, since you got minerals faster.  After the ovie comes, wait for the spawning pool, and you should have 3 larvae if your timing was good.  You will also have the available minerals.  Make 6 lings and then a queen.

The build from there is your choice, and you can actually win if you micro your zerglings effectively against your opponent.  Good luck!

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02 Nov 2010 | Comments (0)
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