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Build order: marine and marauder vs zerg

 by Telecom
3.7 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 13 votes )
  • Starting off 10supply depot, nonstop scv pump and then get rax, get gas as soon as possible and another depot at 16,When rax finishes build 1 marine then stop scv production for a moment and get orbital command.
  • Meanwhile get addon for marauders in your barracks and scout.  get 3rd depot around 21/27 or whatnot so you wall off your entrance with 3 depots blocking scout, then start 2nd and 3rd barracks as soon as possible , 2nd barracks for dual marine addon and 3rd with another marauder addon, so your pumping from 2 barracks marauders and 1 barracks 2 marines at once ...
  • Once you have a strong force from all 3 barracks pumping nonstop marines and marauders, move out and all in zerg, this wont win all games but it will win MANY games vs z, b/c they will expo and just be over ran, im like 20-2 with this build.

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23 Mar 2010 | Comments (14)

Guide to thelittleone's build in his ro4 game#2 match

 by Seven
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 11 votes )

TeamLiquid Invitational, Ro4 - TheLittleOne vs Nazgul Game #2 on Metalopolis.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet, go download and watch this SC2 replay, it's really worth it. It is one of the best SC2 games I've witnessed so far (really, I want to vote for it as a Replay of the Week). TheLittleOne is a very creative and unorthodox random player, and Nazgul is a very solid Protoss player.

This Guide outlines TLO's build, and how you can use its unorthodox style to try and catch a Protoss off guard.

A brief synopsis of the game: TLO opened relatively standard, from the point of Nazgul's scouting probe. However, he used Reapers early on to harass the Protoss, utilizing the many entry points for Reapers on Metalopolis. From there, he used tanks and marines, with a few marauders, to turtle in his base. With the close 3rd base, TLO was able to successfully turtle, with Nazgul wisely opting to match expansions. TLO, as turtley as he was, did not sit idly by.


At 150/150, EMP already in hand, the Ghost proved to be a great defence and harass unit.

Brilliantly using ghosts+nukes, with the occasional Reaper run-by, TLO kept Nazgul busy at his expansions, trying his very best to keep him on equal bases. Off three bases, TLO transitioned into 2port Battlecruisers, and with the help of a few ghosts+nukes, was able to do more damage at each expansion. TLO was even ballsy enough to take a 4th.  Nazgul, not your average Protoss, smartly chose to mass Void Rays as an answer, able to dwindle down the Battlecruiser count. In a very jaw-biting, fist-clenching late game, TLO was able to pull ahead with more mining bases and units to force Nazgul to tap out.

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28 Mar 2010 | Comments (6)
Tags : thelittleone  metalopolis  tvp  

Protoss vs protoss basics

 by Telecom
4.2 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 9 votes )

Protoss VS Protoss

  • Take into consideration map size. On all maps except desert oasis and twilight fortress you should be doing the same basic build order.
  • In every Protoss vs Protoss you should expect warp gate rush, Always.
  • Always research warpgate as soon as cybernetics core is finished.

In Protoss vs Protoss I like to opt for an income build, not getting gateway till 13th probe.  Then immediate gateway / gas, the reason I decided to do this a lot of the time is because of the fact that when using the chrono boost, you can constantly build probes to 13 before getting a gateway and then your economy is extremely well.  

        Probes should be pumping constantly only stopping to build units or buildings. Once gateway is finished you add on cybernetics core. Use the chrono boost now to make zealot build faster so you can assure that you are secure.

     Once the cybernetics core is finished immediatly start warp gate research and use all chrono boost's on the cybernetics core to make the research of warpgates finish faster.  throw down 2 more gateway's and a robotics facility for immortal's. Immediate start of warpgates once the gateways are finished and start warping in alot of zealots / 2 sentrys. 2nd gas should be added after cybernetics core is finished. 

      Pump 2 immortals then an observer, to be safe and then move on to go for colossus.  and keep warping in units, a few stalkers will be useful, but not many.  Always research the colossus range, making colossus alot more powerful.  

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (4)

Comprehensive guide to zerg

 by Seven
4.6 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 8 votes )

Comprehensive Guide to (the most Awesome Race Ever:) Zerg

By a 6 year SC1 Zerg Veteran.

HPHit Points
(letter)      Hotkey
#sTime in Seconds

General Units

Larva (s) - Light, Biological, HP: 25, Arm: 10

Drone (d) - Light, Biological, HP: 40, Arm: 0, Dmg: 5. 50/0 17s. Supply: 1

Overlord (v) - Armored, Biological, HP: 200, Arm: 0, 100/0 25s.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : zerg  

Protoss guide

 by Telecom
3.6 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 12 votes )

          Protoss vs Terran - In this matchup you can 1gate -> gas -> cybernetics core -> another gateway -> if he 2gates then you can lay down a forge / 1 cannon positioned well by your ramp but not all the way on the ledge seeing as how it can get sniped easily by marauders that way. but you should be able to tech to robo and pump marauder in time.  

          If not then yes a cannon will help stop a rush as well as a sentry with your zealots , the warpgate research needs to be started as soon as cybernetics core is finished and chrono boost from nexus used on cyber core in order to make the warpgate research finish faster.  

          Once robotics facility is complete you pump 2-3 immortals continues then into colossus as fast as possible, once your colossus is out u can get 1 observer if you dont know what he is doing and use that scout and continue colossus after the observer while you can most likely safely expand or if you have been fending off his attacks , if you won you should be able to easily overpower him once your expansion kicks in.  and at that time you can have about 5-6 warpgates and 2 robotics facilitys pumping at first nonstop colossus then transition into nonstop immortal with your warpgates, and your macro will be very high. then of course into mothership and expand more.  

                If terran goes banshee go stalker .  dont forget to upgrade zealot leg speed because zealots will be more effective vs terran infantry with this upgrade.  Also dont forget upgrades from forge after your expansion is finished. Colossus is super effective vs most ground units.  

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23 Mar 2010 | Comments (6)
Tags : protoss guide  
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