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Protoss build: 4 warpgate

 by Akimoto
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Build Order:

9/10 ► Build 1 Pylon

12/18 ► Build 1 Gateway & send your probe to scout.

14/18 ► Build 1 Assimilator and have 3 Probes start harvesting when it's complete.

16/18 ► Build 1 Pylon

18/26 ► Build 1 Cybernetics Core

23/26 ► Build 1 Pylon

24/32 ► Research Warpgate Technology

27/32 ► Build 1 Gateway

30/32 ► Build 2 Gateways

31/32 ► Build 1 Proxy Pylon (Close to enemy base and start pumping units!)



• Do not stop pumping out probes and attack-units. Balance it by micro'ing - don't put 5 probes in queue while waiting for minerals to build attack-units, etc.

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02 Nov 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : 4  warpgate  gateway  protoss  rush  build  order  strategy  tips  

How to rush effectively with zerglings

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This rush is an easy build that can work well against almost anyone.

The first thing you need to know is that it is a fast build, so it can usually beat one player, whether you're in a 1v1, 2v2, etc.  The key is timing, but all I'm going to explain is the build order.

To start this build, you'll want to build one drone (after other drones start mining).  Now after that you can go two ways, 8 pool or 9 pool.  If you 8 pool, you are basically reducing the time on this build, but you'll be a little less productive if you end up going into late-game.  I recommend the 8 pool, since it is so fast you can almost always get to the enemy base before anything useful gets out (marines/zealots/lings).  So, build drones according to your plan (watch supply for 8 or 9) then make a spawning pool.  After that, make two drones, regardless of 8 or 9 pool, then an overlord.  If you 8 pool, the overlord should pop up about 5 seconds before your spawning pool.  A little longer if you 9 pool, since you got minerals faster.  After the ovie comes, wait for the spawning pool, and you should have 3 larvae if your timing was good.  You will also have the available minerals.  Make 6 lings and then a queen.

The build from there is your choice, and you can actually win if you micro your zerglings effectively against your opponent.  Good luck!

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02 Nov 2010 | Comments (0)

Beginner - low to mid bronze and beyond

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To get straight to the point, as soon match begins start mining minerals and pumping SCV's on the field,on supply 9 get 1ste depot build at ramp entrance. Make sure to constantly make SCV's.

At Supply 12 place 1ste rax and Gas Ref(3xSCV;s enough for gas), then 2de & 3rd depots to close ramp of completely. When rax done, start building 2 marines for early zergling rush defence or zeolot scouting. In the meanitime, get factory started and after 2x marines out get reactor build.

When Factory and reactor done, full rax build queue with marines and get starport and armory build. once starport done get reactor up and tech lab at factory. By this time you should already have arround 15 marines on the board.

When reactor done on starport, build 3 medivacs and from factory thor when you have the required gas. After these units are done building load 2 medivac with marines and the other with the thor, fly behind enemy lines and drop these units in enemy mineral line and make carnage!! keep in mind to constantly build marines and 1-2 thors for when you do the unit drop to send these extra units to assualt the front line when your 1ste drop drawn the attention of the enemy armada..... soon afterwards... GG :)

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15 Oct 2010 | Comments (0)

Starting strategy

 by Pyro
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Now having build orders are great to have when versing prodictabe opponets. However the vast majority of games are not prodictable and acting and reacting occur though out the game, this is where the build orders fall apart when people have built the counter units.

I suggest a instead of a build order to have a constant supply of units that is constantly changing. This is acually quite easy to achive.

This is called the Pylon probe Strategy. This works with Protoss and Terran. Requires good macroing.

The aim of this is to have a constant supply of probes/SCVs being produced along with Pylons/Supply. The aim is to never get supply blocked. (it is posable). As your income of minerals and gas is always incressing because of your Probes/SCVs it is posable for a steady expation.

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14 Oct 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : dosnt work as zerg  

Basic protoss defence strategy against zerg and countering roaches

 by Tona
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* I want to apologize in advance for my bad english. I'm brazilian and never done any english course, but my intention here is to help you guys with some strategy. And I think (hpe at least) that my english is enough for that.


  If you are a Protoss playing against a Zerg, (which is probably the case since you are reading this guide) there are some things you should realize. First thing I want to point out is that the Zerg player can cast way faster than you, some damage units. Which brings us to our second point, as the Protoss units and structures are more expensive and slower in production, our play posture should be one of defence and response. Mainly when the zerg can creat the Spine Crawler, wich combined with some zerglings can fend off nearly every early game rush a protoss can attempt. For that reason I would advice you to send a scout probe as soon as you get your first pylon, so you can have an idea of what he's up to.


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22 Sep 2010 | Comments (0)
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