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Terran vs protoss bio push

 by Telecom
4.7 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 7 votes )

This push will work on almost every map except in 2v2 on twilight fortress.  Start out with 10 depot -> and keep scvs pumping nonstop, that means dont rush to get rax right after depot, keep scvs pumping Till about 13 then throw down rax and gas.  

             Continue scvs pumping and throw down another depot at 16, 1 rine after barracks, stop scvs after barracks and immediatly get orbital relay + mule.  keep scv pumping and get physics core on barracks for marauder. Soon after add 2nd barracks and then add reactor to it and pump nonstop rines with nonstop marauder.  Then add ghost reactor (or w/e the building is called) and dont research cloak energy or worry about nuke just use ghost for emp, get a ghost and research stim, 2nd phsycics center on 3rd rax and pump nonostop mrauder / marine , when the stimpack is done u will have big force, possibly u can add 4th race for another reactor for marines, but this is super all in, id prefer to add a factory after attack if they dont die then starport for dropship or expand.  

           You use EMP on all they're units, with the 3 barracks you've been macroing you will most likely steam roll them if you have a good EMP.  GL HF GG.^^

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23 Mar 2010 | Comments (4)

Guide for zerg carapace upgrades vs protoss

 by Seven
4.7 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 7 votes )

Guide for Zerg Carapace Upgrades

vs Protoss

Guides for vs Terran and vs Zerg should be up shortly. I just thought it was way too much information to be all in one.

Evolution Chamber

The Evolution Chamber.  It only costs 75 minerals and it lets us build Spore Crawlers!  But when should we start researching its time-consuming upgrades?

Well before we answer that question, let's look at some math (yay!):

Zealot  vs  zergling

A zealot does 8 damage per blade.  After 3 hits, 48 damage kills a zergling (35 health).  Level  1 carapace upgrade adds 1 armor to the zergling, which means each blade of a zealot does only 7 damage.  However, 3 hits does 42 damage, which still kills the zergling.  The same applies to Level  2 carapace: A zergling will still fall in 3 hits to a zealot.  It's not until Level 3 carapace (3 armor), does a zealot's attack (5 damage per blade) take 4 shots in total to kill a zergling.

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27 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : carapace  upgrade  zerg  

How to write guides on starcraft replay com

 by Jame
4.9 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 7 votes )


How to write guides on Starcraft-Replay.com

Rule #1: Is my guide going to be useful?

a) Did someone already write a guide on this topic? Use our search engine or or advanced guide search to find out.

b) Is the information I'm about to share not already common knowledge?

For example, if you're gonna write a 5-liner guide saying "Getting minerals is very important to dominate the game, so produce a lot more drones". Ask yourself, is this really something people need to read?

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11 Mar 2010 | Comments (9)

Build order: zvt baneling break

 by Seven
4.3 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 11 votes )

                    I noticed there hasn't been a guide yet for this. I think it's a really strong build any Zerg should have in their repetoire.  I'm sure many of you have already seen something similar, but here's the breakdown of the build. 

                    Everyone who hasn't played the beta yet can still learn this build and execute it relatively easy (assuming you have previous RTS experience).


BUILD ORDER: Baneling break vs Terran

  • 10 Overlord

I really suggest the extractor trick: take your 10th drone when you have about 60 minerals and have it morph an extractor. you should have about 50 minerals when that's done, to make another drone.  Immediately cancel your extractor and put that worker back on mining.

  • 14 Pool
  • 14 Gas, 3 drones on gas immediately as its done
  • 15 Overlord

The second the spawning pool is done, make a queen. Morph your two larva into lings.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : baneling  vs terran  build order  

Terran vs terran

 by Telecom
4.6 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 10 votes )

Terran vs Terran

Take into consideration

  • Map
  • Map size
  • Your ranking
  • Your opponents ranking
  • What i mean by ranking is if your favored, or is your opponent is favored

! Notes on maps

  1.  Rarely attempt to all in on kulas ravine, or desert oasis.
  2. On any other map as terran an " all in " build can be very strong and can win you most games, or put you into a very safe situation
  3. Example : 2barracks with physics addon for marauders + 1 barracks with reactor for dual marine, this build can win alot of games on maps with breakable rocks. (rocks blocking path's) for example, Scrap station , Blistering sands

The reason I say safe situation is because if you 3rax and pump alot, in TvZ or TvP it will put your opponent in a situation to have to not be aggressive, so where you were just doing an all in build you can transition this into a ' fast expand ' build which wouldn't be really considered too fast, but still you will be expanding faster than your opponent due to the fact that he is waiting for you to attempt an all in.


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28 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : terran vs terran  
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