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The new creep

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Creep on the platform


Probably one of the most defining characteristics that set the Zerg apart from the other races is the Creep: the organic ground that serves as the nourishment and lifeblood of Zerg structures and buildings. However, this time in Starcraft 2, the creep has evolved to something far more.....

Features of the Creep

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24 Mar 2010 | Comments (4)
Tags : creep  zerg  

Some tips with the raven

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This is definitely the most devastating attack the raven has in its arsenal. It damages one or more units by 100 in an area of effect radius. Blizzard realizes this, so they made it costly and time-consuming to research. To research this ability you need a fusion core building and afterwards you can go to the tech lab attached to the starport to research seeker missiles.

In Starcraft 1, the Science Vessel's irradiate ability was very practical against biological units. -- specially with the strategy known as the eraser which SlayerS_BoXeR made very popular. Not everyone used that strategy, so those who didn't use it relied in targeting an enemy unit and hoping anything around it would die. The problem with that is that the enemy can move the affected unit away from the others, and it was a slow process to kill enemy units.

The Seeker Missile is the Hitman in your arsenal. Go in silently, annihilate, and leave. The enemy won't know until it's too late. Basically, the Raven unleashes a missile that will chase a ground or air unit and explode causing a great area of effect. 100 damage to be precise -- and that's quite a lot of damage. this is very usefull in big battles =)

The Awesome-sauce news? The thriller? Let's say you discover the enemy has a group of mobs sitting duck anywhere in his base or anywhere in the map -- scan sweep can make this pretty easy. Move your Raven toward this group, and deploy a Seeker Missile to the center-most unit. As you can see in the video attached to this article, I built 24 marines and set a rally point. I shot a Seeker Missile to the center of that group of 24 marines. 18 marines died, and six survived quite damaged.

Now that's a VERY nice unit to have in your arsenal to cripple your enemy's economy and morale. 18 marines is a total of 900 minerals and a lot of build time wasted. Imagine a group of Zerglings for instance. BOOM, gone. In that sense the Seeker Missile is more effective than the Irradiate ability at killing many units at once, and the good thing is that it is more silent. There is no warning alerting your enemy of this impending attack -- a setback the irradiate ability suffered by displaying a green-cloud surrounding the affected unit. Once the Seeker Missile is deployed it silently annihilates and it is too late to do anything unless the enemy sees the approaching Raven.

You can also use a Raven to annihilate some of the opponent's SCVs/Drones/ Probes with a Seeker Missile (125 energy) and immediately drop one Auto-Turret (50 energy). You can weaken a group of units coming to your base with one of these Ravens before they even get near your base, but it's much better to wait till your units welcome them to make sure his units die.

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24 Mar 2010 | Comments (4)
Tags : seeker missle  

Protoss stalker trick

 by Jinxy
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Protoss stalker trick

             Well i was browsing through some videos and i found a very cool trick for Protoss that can be very useful in certain situations. The trick requires 3 things

1. A lot of stalkers

2. An Observer (for vision of the destination)

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22 Apr 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : protoss  stalker  blink  

Zvp roach warren timing

 by Seven
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ZvP Roach Warren Timing

So everytime I play ZvP, I'd do the 18Roach Warren timing, to get them out early to help defend against zealot rushes. Then I'd expand and use one queen to slowly get my economy up. This strategy worked beautifully, but I'm not playing against great players. I was watching the Zotac Cup #5, and saw that Haypro used a much later Roach Warren against Protoss. I watched the finals first (because I love getting spoilered), and saw that he would get rushed early on. At first I thought it was because he had such a slow Roach Warren, but after watching his quarter finals ZvP games, I realized how powerful his build is.

If you haven't seen these games yet, I suggest watching this replay first. Basically, Haypro uses astute scouting intel to get the timing for his Roach Warren. Since he delays both his gas and Roach Warren, he gets his expansion, extra drones, and second Queen up.

39 food

With his great scouting intel, Haypro delays his Roach Warren to 39 food against Dreiven.

So the build follows this general rule:

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31 Mar 2010 | Comments (6)
Tags : roach warren  zvp  

How to counter zerg roach rushing with protoss

 by Alexh
4.8 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

       Hey whats up ! As you may know, Zerg Roach Rushing is very popular in the Starcraft 2 beta because Roaches are so strong with their high damage attacks and their ability to regenerate hit-points quickly, not to mention that Zerg can quickly spawn a lot of them early due to the Queens ability to make a lot of extra larva in the early game.

       As this video shows, for Protoss to effectively counter a Roach Rush they should wall the choke-point entrance of their base with Pylons, a Gateway, and Cannons while getting a couple zealots to block the small gap in the wall, and Immortals to stand behind them and shoot over them. Immortals are an effective counter to Roaches. For Terran to counter a Roach Rush, they should wall their entrance with a Barracks, Bunker, and Depo, while building Marines and Marauders. Watch out for Roach Rushes, don’t let them get you. And if you are a Zerg player and you try to Roach Rush someone and they put up a strong wall, don’t try to break it, just keep building your army and don’t let your opponent expand.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (1)
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