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Zerg guide

 by Telecom
3.5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 8 votes )

       when playing Zerg i like to scout with overlord to the nearest spot, if its a map like lost temple then i would scout with drone to another location if the overlord doesn't reveal player on first scout.  Once you find the player you decide by his build on what you are going to do, bassically in every situation I like to 14drone then pool because i can fast expand off that with roach den in ZvP or ZvT fairly easily.  

          Although if the players defenses look weak then you could most likely do a considerable amount of damage with roaches , or even possibly win the game.  Its important to normally tech lair after your safe with roaches even if you have expo to get hydralisk den, and once hydralisk den is complete you need to pump nothing but hydras and reup your economy with many drones. pump many hyrdas and continue to macro, in ZvT early infestors after expansion is good because you can fungal growth the marine / marauder forces.

            Also in ZvZ fungal growth can be useful as well vs roach / hydra, and also even stopping broodlords in they're tracks.  After 3 bases in ZvT its smart to rush ultralisks vs mass infantry forces, because they do splash and can wipe out infantry very fast.  infestors are useful to use vs terran's thors or protoss colossus, but infestors mainly for fungal growth in my opinion.  On some maps like Desert Oasis you can use fast mutalisk build and catch your opponent off gaurd in almost every matchup.  

               On the map kulas ravine, 2hat mass zerglings with speed is viable because you can catch your opponent off gaurd when hes in the process of going for an early attack.  Mainly as zerg I just do macro play like mass roach into mass hydra, zergling into baneling , muta ling with Fast expansion, different builds and ill explain more in depth with later guides this was just touching up on some basics.

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23 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : zerg guide  

Starcraft 2 progamer tips

 by Inku
4.2 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 5 votes )


  • Using 'Tab' when you have multiple unit types selected will cycle between them. 'Shift'+'Tab' will cycle backwards.
  • Hitting 'F1' selects an idle worker. 'Ctrl'+'F1' selects all idle workers.
  • You can keep HP bars turned on all the time from the gameplay options menu.
  • Turning on building grids in the options menu makes walling a lot easier.
  • 'Shift' queuing commands now work with stuff like siege and burrow.
  • It's also possible to 'Shift' queue waypoints now.
  • If you have multiple workers selected, you can issue multiple build commands and they'll each build one; extra workers will continue whatever they were doing.
  • Hitting 'Backspace' jumps between your town halls.
  • 'Ctrl'+'F' changes team colors to you = green, allies = yellow, and opponents = red.
  • 'Ctrl'+'Alt'+'F' brings up a framerate counter


  • Calling down mules directly on minerals will allow them to auto-mine.
  • SCVs can be set to auto-repair by hitting 'Alt'+'R'.


  • Have your queens hotkeyed with your hatcheries so you can inject larvae without looking at your base.
  • You can give eggs their own move command so that the units will move there once they hatch, regardless of what the hatchery's rally point is.


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24 Mar 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : progamer  tips  strategy  ui  keybindings  keys  bindings  protoss  zerg  terran  

How to embed videos on starcraft replay

 by Jame
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

How to embed Videos on Starcraft-Replay.com

It's really easy as pie.

1. Go to the video of your choice on YouTube (or any other video streaming site)

2. Copy the URL of the video (NOT the embed code, just the URL in your web browser).

3. Write a guide on starcraft-replay, and once in the editor click on Insert / Edit embedded media. it's the film icon.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : how to  embed  video  

Warpgate trick for faster zealots

 by Seven
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

Protoss Warpgate Trick to get a faster Zealot

So I got to go over to my friend's house on Sunday and get in about 2 hours of SC time. I decided to not play Zerg, since I've sorta got a basic understanding of them. I was trying Protoss and encountered another Protoss that did something very interesting. He would frequently transform his Warpgate into a Gateway, make a zealot, then go back into a Warpgate. Being the analytical player that I am, I did not let that go, and messed around afterwards by myself testing what exactly it would accomplish.

First some general info: Out of Gateways: Zealots build in 33s, Sentries/Stalkers build in 42s, High/Dark Templars build in 55s. Since Sentries/Stalkers and High/Dark Templars have the same build time, I will simply refer to Stalkers or HTs.

The cooldown time for Warpgates depends on which unit was built. If a Zealot was made, it will take ~22s for the Warpgate to be ready again. For Sentries/Stalkers, it takes ~31s for the Warpgate to be ready again. The Templars take ~44s for the Warpgate to be ready. I used "~" meaning approximately, because I had to build the unit, and then check the remaining cooldown time to see what it was. Although my hand speed is very fast, I still want to allow room for potential error.

Note: s = seconds of build time.

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30 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : protoss  warpgate  

Zerg upgrades (vs. zerg)

 by Seven
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Zerg Upgrades vs Zerg

Finally, the last Guide detailing Zerg upgrades vs  Zerg. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this match up, it's a fairly Roach heavy match up, while both players expand and add on Hydralisks.  Zerglings are great in numbers early on, but against a Zerg with enough Roaches, Zerglings end up mulched. 

Banelings are even rarer (though not horrible as a rush), since they require another tech tree, and are horrible against Roaches.  Mutalisks only seem to work against beginners, as teching spire takes up a lot of gas, leaving you unable to defend from the enemy Roach army (and unlike BW's Mutas vs lings, Mutas take a lot longer to kill Roaches).

As always, I am only discussion Level 1 upgrades, because any benefit you gain is cancelled by your opponent's Level 1 upgrades (with the exception of the Roach, more on this below), and the benefit is re-gained when you reach Level 2 before your opponent. 


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30 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : zerg  upgrades  zvz  
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