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Ultralisks or brood lords

 by Seven
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

Ultralisk or Brood Lords?

So far, Zerg games have been (let's ignore ZvZ for the moment) relatively straight forward.  Defend from any harass the Terran or Protoss might throw at you (Vikings, Phoenix, Reapers,  Immortal pushes), expand and macro up your Hydralisk/Roach army and try to out expand your opponent.  Throw in Infestors and sneaky Nydus Networks+Lings and you've got your opponent throwing all their resources into their ground army, trying to wipe out your main army as well as your expansions.

But so far, that Hydra/Roach combo has been working well for the Zerg.  I'm going to go ahead into the future, a time when SC2 is so evolved that Hydra/Roach won't be sufficient enough to hold out against the Protoss/Terran ground army.  A time when *hold for suspense* Zerg needs to use Tier 3 units!

So which direction should we go?  The greatest meat shields ever, the Ultralisks?  Or the ranged destroyers, the Brood Lords?  Well why don't we look at the math first.


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30 Mar 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : zerg  ultralisk  brood lord  

Massing thors effectively

 by Pokkit
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

Before I begin this guide, I would like to say thank you to HuskyStarcraft for casting this replay.  This game is an unconventional Korean ZvT in which the Terran player, SlayersBoxeR, massed Thors with some Hellion support against the Zerg player, Cellawerra, who often switched tech in an attempt to battle the Thors.  This replay is excellent not only for the interesting gameplay but also for Husky’s hilarious cast of it.  Husky hadn’t slept the whole night (it was around 9:30am) when he casted the game, so he’s a bit loopy.  Also, since this replay is on Youtube, I didn’t have the ability to analyze the game like a normal replay; I had to go with whatever Husky showed.  That being said, I did my best to approximate the opening build of SlayersBoxeR as well as offer some commentary at various points in the game.  My intent with this guide is not to offer an extreme in-depth analysis of this strategy (that is nearly impossible without the replay file), but I just wanted to post the replay and offer some commentary.  On with the guide!

Part 1 of 3.


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16 Apr 2010 | Comments (5)
Tags : terran  thor  vs zerg  

Why rush guide

2.8 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 4 votes )

Lets think about it this way. Lets say a player rushes you and you loose. The match is over. You couldnt keep up enough to build either enough defence of offence as your defence due to you not being able to keep up with there macro or you just fell behind in the techtree and dident get a barracks or spawning poo or gateway in time.

If you survive the rush not only my you be crippled but the may know what you have, what your going for, or know that your crippled(meaning he's ahead of you and will more likely attack again or tech enough to kill you later)

Rushing puts you in the advantage so the question is why wouldnt you rush?
if you turtle and your weak on scouting you have blocked your self in and even possible cut your self off from possible quick expansions and we all know (or atyleast the good players know) field control is one step closer to a win. Thats all apart of scouting.

Elements of a rush:
a rush can easly evolve into anything else aslong as you have the movement to counter act the enemy

-crippling the enemy is what your aiming for. Even if you loose your army if you took as many Miners with you as you could this puts you ahead by a landslide some times. If the enemy was teching he cant tech any further or even build men to defend himself. HE HAS NO WAY of getting money as fast as you are.

-Rush/scout. Rushing an enemy while there teching gives you the best idea of what there planning to do. Lets say your playing terrans (in SC2) the enemy is protoss and you some how figer he is going stalkers/immortals Your going to cut to murauders which you should already have. It doesnt take long for him to be run over if he is teching and only building zealots that arnt even upgraded. Early build units still can kill even the highest tier units so knowing the enemy is key in victory. If your in the enemy every 2 seconds from the start of the match it isnt very hard to figer things out and prepare your self.

All i'm basicly trying to say is rush the h*ll out of the enemy. just dont lose more money in the rush then you can destroy in his base.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : rush  

Speedlings vs fe zergs

 by Inku
5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 3 votes )

This requires scouting so you have to make sure they're actually going for a late pool before you do this or it's essentially an all-in. For the purposes of this build anything 15 pool or later is a "late pool"

Starting BO standard 13 pool

  • 13 Pool
  • 15 gas
  • 15 overlord (I've found with a 15 OL it pops out at the same time as the queen letting you sneak in a few extra drones)
  • 16 Queen
  • Zergling speed as soon as you have 100 gas and remove one of the 3 drones
  • Speedlings speedlings speedlings usually attack once the spawn larva at 26 supply spawns all of the zerglings

At this point your goal is one of a few things:

  • Kill their queen
  • Kill drones
  • Kill their expansion hatch


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26 Mar 2010 | Comments (5)

Comedy in starcraft 2

5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 3 votes )

Comedy in Starcraft 2... 

         You might have guessed from the title, but just for repitition,This is not a strategy guide.This is merely a guide to do funny stuff in Starcraft 2! Blizzard does have a very good sense of humour, and it seems that they created the following funny techniques you can do within Starcraft 2.

Dancing & Cheering

         Yes, you did here right! Marines and Marauders can dance and cheer! Select the marines and marauders, and then type in the chatbox: /dance, or /cheer for the dancing M&Ms or the cheering M&Ms.

         Note that these two units are the only units so far to have this feature, and these lovable guys have multiple dances including the robot and moonwalking! Check it out! This video showcases the dances of the marines and marauders.

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11 Apr 2010 | Comments (1)
Tags : funny  dance  cheer  fun  comedy in starcraft 2  comedy  
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