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Sc2 banshee rush build order

 by Jame

Starcraft 2 Build Order: Banshee Rush


If you follow this build order, you'll have Banshees coming out within 4:30min in the game. Just make sure you wall off your base correctly with supply depots and a barracks to make sure that you survive until then.


Build Order

  • 10: Supply Depot
  • 11: Refinery (put 3 SCVs on it as soon as possible)
  • 12: Barracks
  • 15: Refinery #2 (put 3 SCVs on it as soon as possible)
  • 16: Factory
  • 18: 2x Starports
  • 18: Supply Depot
  • 18: Tech Lab on Barracks
  • 18: Tech Lab on Factory
  • 18: As soon as the Tech Labs are built, swap the two Starports with the Barracks and the Factory.

Start producing Banshees!


Here is a replay I made to illustrate this build order:

Banshee Rush Build Order Replay

23 May 2010 | Comments (3)

Styrofoam wrote (2010-08-10 15:07:17)

avatar Zergling

After u switch the starports on to the Tech Labs can u still research the cloak ability?

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Bijiq wrote (2010-08-04 08:32:49)

avatar Zergling

thanks.. ive been looking for these banshee rush build order.. its really work well ..

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Shoofy wrote (2010-06-15 04:34:22)

avatar Zergling

Not bad. 


You might also include suitable matchup and map options, as well as an end-game plan. 


What upgrades would you recommend?



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