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Zvz roach guide, adaptable vs t and p also

 by Inku


Hello everyone, this will be my first post and a guide for this site! First i must say the site is really great! Hope it becomes a success. On with the guide.

So all you Zerg players out there having problems defeating other Zerg players who's Roach building, this is the guide for you.
I have included a Replay to show exactly what to do.


Step 1 Get the right build order. Get 14 drones then build Spawning Pool. When the Pool is about 1/3 done build Extractor. Send a scouting drone at the same time you do this so you can find out what the other player is doing.

Step 1.5 Don't forget to put 3 drones on the Extractor once its complete.

Step 2 Keep producing drones and stop at 17 supply. Once the Spawning Pool is complete build a Roach Warren immediately and queue a Queen at the Hatchery. You should be at 18/18 supply. Soon as you have 100 minerals get a Overlord. This is a very important part in the build order.

Step 2.5 Spawn larva using Queen as soon as she is out. At this point you may be open to a 6 zergling attack. You should be able to see it coming with your scouting drone. If there is an attack coming build 1 Spine Crawler for defense. Roaches will be out soon.

Step 3 Soon as the Roach Warren is out start producing Roaches, Also for every 3 Roaches you get make sure to get 1 or 2 drones. You need to have 16 drones on minerals. Important!

Step 3.5 Once you have 4-5 Roaches, Upgrade to Lair. Keep making Roaches! Keep using spawn larva with Queen!

As the Lair is upgrading you may want to throw down a Evolution Chamber for Spore towers is they enemy is coming with any sort of Air units.

Step 4 Get about 18-24 Roaches and be ready to leave your base. If you want to expand, this is the right time. move Roaches at natural expansion choke point to defend expansion.

Step 4.5 Soon as Lair is done, Upgrade Roach Speed and Burrow. VERY KEY in ZvZ, Roach vs Roach.

Step 5 Start heading to enemy with all Roaches, make sure to set rally points to reinforce your army. Do not engage enemy without your Roach Speed and Burrow upgrades complete. Use your own judgment at this point and engage. Once attacking make sure to micro Roaches. Burrow the Roaches with low HP. Micro intensive but it can be done with enough practice.

Step 5.5 Throw down a Hydralisk Den as you move out just in case the Roach push fails. This will do 2 things. If the enemy goes Mutalisk you can easily counter it and if not. Roach/Hydra is what you need to start making for the second engagement.

This Guide is viable for other match ups as well. It is just a base for players to work from.


This Replay is a great example. I suggest watching it.

Download Replay

Please post comment/suggestions. Greatly appreciated!

24 Mar 2010 | Comments (3)
Tags : zerg  build order  vs zerg  vs protoss  vs terran  pro  gosu  

Jame wrote (2010-03-25 11:22:50)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

Nicely written and great idea to offer a replay to illustrate your guide :)


I've edited your guide a bit to make it look better. Hope you don't mind. Keep it up!

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Inku wrote (2010-03-24 23:04:23)

avatar Reaper

I will start writing Terran guides once i get some more games played with them.

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Ligaozin wrote (2010-03-24 00:29:24)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

This one is okay I guess, to bad its not my race, hope to see more like this but for terran.

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