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Impressive - world of warcraft map in sc2

 by Jame

World of Warcraft map in SC2


If you haven't seen this video yet, you should! Believe it or not, but this NOT a World of Warcraft video, this video is taken from a Starcraft 2 map, made with the SC2 Map Editor.


It's really impressive, and we can only imagine what great custom SC2 maps will see the day in the future!


Update on the SC2 Strategy Guide:  40% DONE! This guide will reveal how to be successful in the SC2 Diamond leagues, even if you're like me and have very low APM.

Stay tuned :)

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23 Sep 2010 | Comments (1)

Roman wrote (2010-11-18 14:34:06)

avatar Zergling

were i can download it ? :)

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