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New starcraft 2 beta patch - patch 13!

 by Jame

StarCraft II Beta -- Patch 13 (version


  • Map Publishing is now enabled: Using the map editor, you can upload your custom maps to share with the Battle.net community.
  • Facebook feature is integrated: Here’s a quick way to expand your social network by seeing who among your existing Facebook friends also has a Battle.net account.
  • 3v3 and 4v4 formats are now enabled.
  • Numerous updates have been made to the Leagues & Ladders system:

    • Removed Copper League and added Diamond League above Platinum League.
    • Player ratings start at 0, rather than 1000.
    • No longer displays loading screen odds in placement or practice league matches.
    • Matchmaking system logic updated.
  • UDP is enabled to help improve game performance.
  • Numerous performance and stability improvements.

Balance Changes


    • Sentry

      • Force Fields can now be destroyed by Massive ground units walking over them.
    • Void Ray

      • Range decreased from 7 to 6.
    • Warp Gate

      • Subgroup selection priority changed from 2 to 3 so that it takes priority over Gateways when selected.

    • Marine

      • Stimpack research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.
      • Combat Shield research cost decreased from 150/150 to 100/100.

  • ZERG

    • Infestor

      • Infested Terran spell removed.
      • Frenzy spell added:

        • Costs 25 energy.
        • Targets a single biological unit which deals 25% more damage and is immune to snare, stuns, and mind control for 30 seconds.
    • Overseer

      • Contaminate spell added:

        • Costs 75 energy.
        • Targets a single enemy structure which cannot train units or research upgrades for 30 seconds.
      • Infested Terran spell added:

        • Costs 125 energy.
        • Infested Terrans have the same stats as those previously created by the Infestor and are placed directly under the Overseer when spawned.
    • Ultralisk

      • Life decreased from 600 to 450.
      • Damage changed from 25 to 15 (+25 Armored).
      • Damage versus structures increased from 60 to 75.

Hotkey Changes (English Only):

  • Zerg Set Worker Rally Point changed from R to G.
  • Zerg Spore Crawler changed from W to A to avoid conflict with the Select All Warp Gates hotkey.

Battle.net Interface

  • Revamped summary pages for player Profiles and Leagues & Ladders.
  • Added a Help system with tech trees and other tips and tricks.
  • Removed identifier from the character naming process and added the ability to refer friends for invitation into your party or lobby.
  • Updated the Battle.net user interface to consistently use a nested menu system.
  • Added in-game blocking and player muting.




I haven't been able to play since the patch, since Battle.net seems to be totally broken right now, can't play a single game.

But the Battle.net interface has changed and it seems like they polished it alot and added some cool features to the achievement system:


Starcraft 2 Achievement System Battle.net


You get this in the Battle.net news windows right as you log in. It's pretty cool as it tells you how to unlock some hidden avatars, like the Spectre (the one you see in this image above).

Anyway, it's pretty neat, I just wish I could play to actually try to earn some achievements and see what the Guide 02 is :)

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22 May 2010 | Comments (1)

Buzzjuice wrote (2010-05-24 01:37:52)

avatar Reaper

Husky's video of Patch 13 more or less sums up my opinions and comments on this patch.

The one thing that really jerks my chain is that in Patch 13, because of a really awful bug, you can't view replays from Patch 1 to 12. I'm hoping this is fixed because this is a really big problem right now. (This is also why the HDH is right now having difficulties with the 3rd Place matchup between Nony and TLO. They had their replays on Patch 12, and so these replays can't be casted until this bug is fixed. The finals are casted fine. I recommend watching them! Really epic! (Won't give out spoilers here!))


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