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Sc2 beta key contest on starcraft replay day 3

 by Jame

SC2 Beta Keys Contest: Day 3

The Winners so far

DAY 3 Rankings:

  1. Silentdeath: 74.88 XP
  2. Ligaozin: 50.30 XP
  3. Miyavi: 17.10 XP


  • Elays: 10.73 XP
  • Telecom: 7.5 XP
  • Inku: 7.5 XP
  • Dragoon: 6.48 XP

DAY 2 Rankings were:

  1. Ligaozin: 34.53 XP
  2. Silentdeath: 33.95 XP
  3. Miyavi: 14.85 XP


Since the the contest started:

300 Starcraft 2 Replays have been uploaded.

25 Starcraft 2 Guides have been written.


There is still plenty of time to win this contest even if you only start contributing right now.

You only have to do it right. Read theSC2 Beta key  contest rules here.


TIPS to gain XP on Starcraft-replay


1. QUALITY > QUANTITY. If you upload tons of replays, but they aren't all high quality, and if you don't add an interesting description, people simply won't watch them, and thus won't rate them. This is why we already have members with only 3 replays uploaded who have made more XP than other members who uploaded more than 50.

2. Be helpful on the forums or by writing useful comments. The starcraft-replay staff will notice it, and so will other members. They will be more inclined to visit your profile and check out your replays and guides if they already read something interesting from you on elsewhere on the site.



Due to the huge amount of replays, guides and comments being posted since the contest started, the staff alone is having a hard time reading every guide, comment and watching every replay. Thus, we need your help.

If you've got a spare minute during the day, look  for a guide or replay which hasn't been rated yet, check it out and give it a fair rating. And fair means fair, if a replay is really boring, give it the lowest rating. There's no reason to be "nice" while rating. Just rate what you think is fair. That's the only way our system can work.

This would go a long way to help our website take off. Because let's face it, this website can only become great if people watch and rate everything, it's the only way for high quality replays and guides to stand out: ratings.

So please, start rating!

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (18)

Telecom wrote (2010-03-26 00:09:35)

avatar Ghost

cool thanks i appreciate it, i just put out some of my really nice replays.  Ill check some of your stuff out ^^ gl hf gg 

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-26 00:05:14)

avatar Brutalisk

Sigh. Ban me if needed. =(

 Ill say this no matter what.  I watched a few of your replays and voted for your stuff.  And in mt free time will vote and watch more...  Can u say the same for me? maby im trying to be fair here. i dont understand why mines so high. it could be cause i have advertiesed this site to get people on it. In diffrent Sc2 fourms. that im apart of. 


I also I also Eat Breath and live Starcraft. and blizzard games. If i ahd the money to go to blizzcons i wouldent be here now.

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Telecom wrote (2010-03-25 23:28:52)

avatar Ghost

I understand the system more and I apologise for being mis understood, i'm now only releasing gosu replays and writing quality guides, thanks for explaining. 

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Depthsofchaos wrote (2010-03-25 23:15:44)

avatar Zergling

You should really only give XP for guides cause this is right now a "who got more time and the least pride to create accounts then use proxy to rate his own replays "contest which I hope you don't want it to be.

Just check any high rated replay recently uploaded, painfuly obvious, the dummy accounts don't upload any replays, have a lot of useless comments and they've registered after the contest. You could ban silentdeath right away if you cared about cheating..

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-25 22:45:33)

avatar Brutalisk

And yes Jame i like your new icon.


I have so many to choose from i dont know wich 1 to choose.

My spell checker does not work with this chat box =(

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-25 22:40:08)

avatar Brutalisk

=/ Sorry if im causeing drama lol. im jsut trying to gets me a key. like every 1 elce. And truthfully i havent uploaded any more replays since day 1 of the contest. i ahve more that i want to uplaod but cant. it wont let me. And i figured since 1 of u uplaoded 80 and the other 52 and i tihnk theres 1 more with 50?  that if i went to serch for any more the chances are there already here.

Im not goign to lie. I did upload some really good replays be4 any 1 elce could. within in hours of contest opening. How u may ask. Luck! i was googleing Starcraft 2 contest to get ideas for a contest to win a key by comeing up with the best idea of a contest. Over on Starcraftmethod Becasue I watch Lumi livestream all the time. and he mentioned it to me there. and i just happend to find this Website at that time.

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 22:33:52)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

And by the way we did not "Give him XP". It's not we who decide who gets XP or not. It's everyone who visits this site and decides to vote.

It's a 100% automated system, we have no influence on it, not more than any member who just created an account. We can only vote once per replay and per guide as well, just like the members.

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 22:26:50)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

Couldn't have said it better.

It's true, Silentdeath created an account after we announced the contest. So did the other current top rankers, asides from Ashram, Tyrion and Jame, which is normal because we are moderators and we do not take part in the contest.

Jesus, there is still 5 full days left before the contest is over, everyone still has a chance. Silentdeath did 130xp in just one day, so you have 5 days to catch up what he did in less than a day today. Sounds possible to me.

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Miyavi wrote (2010-03-25 22:22:01)

avatar Reaper

This is getting stupid.

Silentdeath created an account a few hours AFTER we announced the contest. This is fact.

He also had only 33.95XP yesterday morning. So he got most of his XP today, which once again proves that he did NOT get his xp before the contest was announced. This is also a fact.

Now can we please stop with this discussion and just get back to the contest and to what this website is about: bring high quality replays and guides to the Starcraft 2 community.

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Telecom wrote (2010-03-25 22:00:35)

avatar Ghost

Ok, I understand what you are saying but I should still be ranked higher I think because I work hard getting these replays. Foeigras is #1 in  his league / division. I'm ranked #13 platinum division 1800 rating and just placed in semifinals of top usa players tournament, So I don't consider myself a newbie, rather a skilled player that is trying to improve like anyone else in SC2.  One thing I don't agree with though is the fact that yes silentdeath had all his xp before the contest started, i'm not sure about the others but yes they probably did to.  But I know 100% for a fact that silentdeath had his xp before the contest started... If you gave him all that XP for doing that little work something is biased about it in my opinion...Let me go find replays of top players from other sites and win a beta key bassically IMO.  No offense thanks.  Just being honest.   I'll keep working

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 20:26:36)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

Telecom, please calm down. Don't accuse of cheating just because you aren't winning the contest.

First of all, nobody won yet, the current top 3 rankers started at the same time as you and are totally unknown to anyone in the starcraft-replay staff, they got to this point faire and square.

I've explained to you several times why it is that you're not gaining much XP.

You need to post replays of high quality, preferably from known top players. And more importantly, you need to add a description to your replays, or people are much less inclined to check it if they don't have any idea what they're going to find in your replay. That coupled with the facts that you uploaded over 80 replays and that they're all from you or one of your friends, doesn't help. 80 replays is too much, you should've put a lot less but upped the variety and the quality of them.


As for your guides, I've replied to each and every of them and explained to you what to do to make them better. I've even edited myself one of your guides to make it look better and give you an idea of what to do with the other guides.


Trust me, this contest is still on, everyone has a chance. All you need to do is prioritize quality over quantity and you'll see that anyone can win this contest with a little effort.

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Nigol wrote (2010-03-25 20:19:43)

avatar Zergling

lol i didnt even know this site existed

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Telecom wrote (2010-03-25 19:30:59)

avatar Ghost

wow this contest was so rigged sorry.  I uploaded more good replays / wrote more good guides than anyone here.  And im a runner up with less xp or anything than any of the ppl who won the keys.  Very obvious these players were on the site prior to the launch of this contest so the contest wasnt even fair.  Regardless i like the site and the cause so i will continue to help.  But seriously, don't hold a biased imba contest where the players who won already had they're xp before even the contest started.  Wow just wow.

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 16:43:53)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

I like my new avatar ;)

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 15:56:36)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

No, that's not how it works.

Replays appear at the top when they've got the highest rating and the most votes (it's a mix of both). That's how our algorythm work.

Basically, High Quality replay + good description is your best bet.

As for friends coming to rate replays, well there's not much we can do about that. But so far we've been monitoring it and everything seems legit. No blatant abuse detected.

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-25 13:29:51)

avatar Brutalisk

@ Depthsofchas.


That is deff somewhat true

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Elays wrote (2010-03-25 13:23:15)

avatar Archon

To bad i cant upload :(.

Hope that I can fix my bug -_-.

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Depthsofchaos wrote (2010-03-25 12:07:59)

avatar Zergling

This contest is all about who can get more friends to dl their replays and rate them high. Not to mention those who uploaded replays in the beginning will have them on the top list, and not because of the quality. But whatever, the site is still good.

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