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Sc2 beta key contest on starcraft replay day 6

 by Jame

SC2 Beta Keys Contest: Day 6

The Winners so far

DAY 3 Rankings:

  1. Silentdeath: 239.83 XP
  2. Telecom: 175.30 XP
  3. Ligaozin: 139.00 XP


  • Elays: 60.80 XP
  • Seven: 54.73 XP
  • Inku: 24.30 XP
  • Killborne: 21.75 XP

DAY 3 Rankings:

  1. Silentdeath: 74.88 XP
  2. Ligaozin: 50.30 XP
  3. Miyavi: 17.10 XP


Since the the contest started:

445 Starcraft 2 Replays have been uploaded.

49 Starcraft 2 Guides have been written.


There is still a chance to win this contest even if you only start contributing right now. You still have 48 hours.

You only have to do it right. Read theSC2 Beta key  contest rules here.


TIPS to gain XP on Starcraft-replay


1. QUALITY > QUANTITY. If you upload tons of replays, but they aren't all high quality, and if you don't add an interesting description, people simply won't watch them, and thus won't rate them. This is why we already have members with only 3 replays uploaded who have made more XP than other members who uploaded more than 50.

2. Be helpful on the forums or by writing useful comments. The starcraft-replay staff will notice it, and so will other members. They will be more inclined to visit your profile and check out your replays and guides if they already read something interesting from you on elsewhere on the site.



Due to the huge amount of replays, guides and comments being posted since the contest started, the staff alone is having a hard time reading every guide, comment and watching every replay. Thus, we need your help.

If you've got a spare minute during the day, look  for a guide or replay which hasn't been rated yet, check it out and give it a fair rating. And fair means fair, if a replay is really boring, give it the lowest rating. There's no reason to be "nice" while rating. Just rate what you think is fair. That's the only way our system can work.

This would go a long way to help our website take off. Because let's face it, this website can only become great if people watch and rate everything, it's the only way for high quality replays and guides to stand out: ratings.

So please, start rating!

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29 Mar 2010 | Comments (11)

Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-30 23:44:28)

avatar Brutalisk

I think TelecoM should win... hes seems to be legit.

I Voted on his stuff. hes got good replays. help me be a beter terrin player.

But dam even with legit votes and watching his replays i could help him any more



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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-30 13:54:28)

avatar Brutalisk

<3 thanks Buzzjuice


Moar Keys may go out 2 day =/

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Jame wrote (2010-03-30 10:43:35)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

We'll definitely have more contests like this in the near future, as soon as we get our hands on more beta keys, which should be a few weeks from now. ;)

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Buzzjuice wrote (2010-03-30 03:08:18)

avatar Reaper

Nice work guys! Seriously! Getting near 200 EXP is amazing! Though I should have concentrated on replays more. And I have to comment on how fast the replays and guides go up. I hardly have time to post a new replay to see another already in the system!

Btw, any chance more contests like these going up in the near future?

@Silent - Don't worry. I'll keep voting! :)

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-29 20:11:20)

avatar Brutalisk


Cant complaine. im jsut happy i wasent banned for stupied ppl.

hopefully ppl will still vote on my stuff and still have a chance at winning =)

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Telecom wrote (2010-03-29 19:22:11)

avatar Ghost

Yes thank god for the system, otherwise people would just be running around begging people to just vote on they're stuff, which I feel personally can really ruin the contest.

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-29 15:11:17)

avatar Brutalisk

Thats. cool. =) <3

IM glad u did. Cause i havent uploaded anything since. day 1. and an avrage sould only be 5-10 point incrase for me. unlike telecom =) 100+ uploads. =P

Any word on forien replays yet i would like ot upload the rest of the esl pack

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Jame wrote (2010-03-29 14:53:39)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

It's fine Silentdeath, we figured as much.

If you are to link on other forums to your guides and replays, make sure to mention that they shouldn't just vote to make you happy. They should really read the guides and watch the replays, and then give them a fair rating. That's how it has to be.

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-29 14:23:46)

avatar Brutalisk

Wow i just noticed. over 400+ REPLAYS.  that sweet Sites on its way.

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-29 14:09:13)

avatar Brutalisk

+1 please do. i was goign to pm u to do that for me. Who knows what ppl do. posted once on a community fourms for ppl to vote for something for me. and they all voted negitive and i lost Sux when 10 people all vote -5.  and i wouldent be surprised if any 1 i know was being stupid. happend be4.


LoL looking at some of my replays now some got votes taken away. Stupid friends. i knew this would happen. im not going to lin "links" on community fourms any more =/

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Jame wrote (2010-03-29 10:27:26)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

By the way, we are currently purging all the votes which appear to be fraudulous. Do not wonder if you lose some XP.

We're not accusing anyone of cheating, as anyone could purposedly create several accounts and vote on the same person's replays and guides just to disqualify him.

But we want this contest to be fair, so we'll be removing all the votes which appear to be fake. We have several monitoring tools to do this, so no cheating is possible.

If you really want to get more votes on your replays and guides, the best and only legal way to do it is to talk about it on other forums / circle of friends you have, direct them to your user profile, tell them to check out your guides and replays.

But please, don't tell them to just vote. They should watch your replays, read your guides, and give a fair rating. Otherwise, that's cheating.

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