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Starcraft replay back in action - diamond league strategy guide coming up!

 by Jame

We're back for good this time!


Where have we been? Well, most of us have been enjoying the summer but also actually PLAYING Starcraft 2, instead of taking care of this site. Shame on us!


But we're back, and we'll make sure to bring you the best SC2 replays as well as high quality SC2 strategy guides.


I'm not a good Starcraft 2 player myself, I even think that I'm terrible, my APM is ridiculously low. However, I still reached the Diamond leagues a while ago and even managed to rank in the TOP 10 for a while. And it's mostly because I've studied the game quite well and know  a few tricks to win against better, faster opponents.


So this will be the topic of my next guide series:  SC2 Strategy guides on how to beat faster opponents, which I'm sure will be very helpful to other SC2 players who have low APM like me and still want to beat those high APM players.


So stay tuned, a lot of good stuff is coming up!

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13 Sep 2010 | Comments (0)
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