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Welcome to starcraft replay!

 by Jame

Welcome to Starcraft-Replay.com, your source for Starcraft 2 Replays, Starcraft 2 Guides, Starcraft 2 Build Orders and Starcraft 2 News & Forums

We're proud to launch this new Starcraft 2 Fansite today. We've put a lot of work to make sure that this website will bring everything the Starcraft 2 community needs.

I'm Jame and I'll be the lead admin of this fansite. I've always been a huge Starcraft fan since day one, and now that I'm in the SC2 beta, I intend to share as much as I can with the rest of the community, and the best way to do it is through a Starcraft 2 Fansite.

The first thing I'm going to share is a guide on how to watch starcraft 2 replays without beta access. Trust me, it works ;)

What can you expect to find on Starcraft-Replay.com?

Starcraft 2 Replays

Replay of the Week

  We'll work hard to bring you the coolest Starcraft 2 replays out there. With our Top Replays system, you can be sure to find amazing replays here. But of course, we'll need the community's help to make this work. We'll need you to:

  • Watch replays and rate them objectively
  • Upload new replays. The admins can't find them all alone ;)
  • Give us your suggestions for the starcraft 2 Replays of the week and the starcraft 2 Replays of the month

Of course, we also have an advanced replay search feature, which will allow you to search Starcraft 2 Replays with specific players in it, or specific maps, races, etc.


Starcraft 2 Guides

Starcraft 2 TvZ Strategy Rock Paper Scissors

  I'm already hard at work writing strategy guides for each Starcraft 2 Races. The guide writing tool on this website is really great, anyone can use it, it's very simple. So if you have strategies or advice you're willing to share with the rest of the SC2 community, this is the place!

Meanwhile, here are the SC2 Guides I've already written:

The same guides for Protoss and Zerg are already in the making, it's a matter of days until I release them, so stay tuned if you like them. And please leave feedback.

If this motivates you to write a guide, I suggest you check my guide on How to write guides for Starcraft-Replay.com first. ;)


Starcraft 2 Build Orders - We'll make sure that Build Orders become a very popular guide format here. I already have a few neat build orders to share. Coming soon!

Starcraft 2 News

SC2 Beta Key

 Make sure to visit our home page if you don't want to miss any important SC2 News, such as tournaments, new incredible replays and new contests here on Starcraft-Replay.com. There will be SC2 Beta Keys as rewards!

An Awesome Ranking System

Jame Starcraft-Replay Profile

This is what we're the most proud of. We've got a really nice community system which I'm sure everyone will love. Every Replay you upload, every guide you write and every comment you post will be an opportunity for you to gain EXP on starcraft-replay.com and to gain ranks, unlock cool avatars, and win prizes such as SC2 Beta Keys!


More information about the Starcraft-Replay Ranking System.

We're eagerly waiting for your comments, feedback and suggestions to make this website even better.

The Starcraft-Replay Team

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19 Mar 2010 | Comments (10)

Killborne wrote (2010-03-26 18:53:10)

avatar Reaper

In my opinion this is the best starcraft 2 site on the internet.I hope you guys will keep helping it grow,even after you get your beta keys Smile

Oh and good luck with the competition!

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Silentdeath wrote (2010-03-25 22:56:01)

avatar Brutalisk

Whos Hands are thoes.

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Nigol wrote (2010-03-25 20:22:20)

avatar Zergling

gl everyone yo

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 17:04:22)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

What I like the most is the sound you get when you level up ;)

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Elays wrote (2010-03-25 14:20:13)

avatar Archon

I like the Sounds and the Design :) Really nice Page !

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Bawheidbob wrote (2010-03-23 19:53:16)

avatar Marine

It has took shape quite nicely and it seems we are generating a good deal of interst here's hoping we can build a nice community for this game

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Skald wrote (2010-03-23 19:06:53)

avatar Marine

Really nice website. I hope more guys gonna use it Tongue out

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Jame wrote (2010-03-20 16:42:05)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

It won't be a drawing contest ;)

We will announce what this SC2 Beta Key contest is about tomorrow in the afternoon or monday next week. If you want to be informed immediately, simply follow us on twitter and you'll be the first to know the contest details.

HINT: The contest will be about being active on starcraft-replay.com ;)

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Inflames wrote (2010-03-20 15:26:16)

avatar Zergling

I too would be interested to know what the contest is about, just to know if I have a chance :p

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Dragoon wrote (2010-03-20 15:23:44)

avatar Marine

Hey guys, just registered to say that I really dig the design. It's the best sc2 replay site out there imo, I hope most people start using it.

I also have one question. You guys said on your twitter account that you'll be giving out three SC2 Beta keys next week, after some sort of contest. Relieved

My question is, could you give us a hint what the contest will be about? Cuz if it's a fanart contest I'm screwed, I can't draw at all.

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