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Beginner - low to mid bronze and beyond

To get straight to the point, as soon match begins start mining minerals and pumping SCV's on the field,on supply 9 get 1ste depot build at ramp entrance. Make sure to constantly make SCV's.

At Supply 12 place 1ste rax and Gas Ref(3xSCV;s enough for gas), then 2de & 3rd depots to close ramp of completely. When rax done, start building 2 marines for early zergling rush defence or zeolot scouting. In the meanitime, get factory started and after 2x marines out get reactor build.

When Factory and reactor done, full rax build queue with marines and get starport and armory build. once starport done get reactor up and tech lab at factory. By this time you should already have arround 15 marines on the board.

When reactor done on starport, build 3 medivacs and from factory thor when you have the required gas. After these units are done building load 2 medivac with marines and the other with the thor, fly behind enemy lines and drop these units in enemy mineral line and make carnage!! keep in mind to constantly build marines and 1-2 thors for when you do the unit drop to send these extra units to assualt the front line when your 1ste drop drawn the attention of the enemy armada..... soon afterwards... GG :)

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