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Sc2 training guide

 by Telecom

Starcraft 2 Training Guide

            This guide is for any race as it is just a training guide on how to level up on StarCraft 2.  Starting out with SC2 you need to try all races so you can try to feel which race / which races macro mechanic you feel most comfortable with.  

            Once you find out which race / which macro mechanic you are most comfortable with then you pick 1 race, and stay with this race through thick and thin.  The only time you consider changing race is after a very long time with 1 race.  

            The only time you play off races is in team play or ffa / non ladder games.  Stick to doing basic SAFE opening builds with each race.


Safe opening build order examples


  1. 13 Pool - Gas
  2. 16 Queen
  3. 18 Overlord / Roach Den / Roaches
  4. Expand if possible, if opponent is going to 3rax / 2gate then dont, (dont do this in ZvZ normally, only on some maps like desert oasis)
  5. Continue producing Roaches..if you expand you need to tech for hydras asap.


  1. 9 Pylon
  2. 13 gate, gas , core, (cannon if you are against Terran or Zerg, because 1 cannon is effective)
  3. 2nd gate , 2nd gas (Produce 2-3 zealots meanwhile )
  4. 18 Robotics Facility, start warpgates immediatly when gateways finish.
  5.  *Start immortal* immediatly when robotics facility finishes, build atleast 2 immortals, then move to colossus , meanwhile decide for timing attack or expanding pending on what the opponent is doing.


  1. 10 Depot
  2. 12 Barracks / nonstop scv pump / gas / orbital command immediate after barracks / 1 marine
  3. 16 2nd depot / Tech Lab on Barracks and pump marauders from 1 barracks
  4. Build 2nd barracks , Mule when Orbital command finishes.  Reactor on 2nd barracks and pump 2 marine / 1 marauder nonstop
  5. Then factory -> starport / medivak or Siege Tank
  6. Expand with M&M&M (marine / marauder / medivac) or go for timing push once you have 2 Medivacs and the non-stop M&M pump.



From here on out we need to practice nonstop and view the replays from our losses so we can improve and find better build orders / improve on ourselves and the rest of the community.  Fighting...!! 

I suggest 20+ games a day at least if you want to progress quickly.

24 Mar 2010 | Comments (11)

Khezar wrote (2011-01-17 13:34:12)

avatar Zergling

I am not quite sure what the number means? Can anyone tell me?


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Dallas wrote (2010-11-05 21:26:01)

avatar Marine

i find placing one cannon just gets killed really fast. want to know a faster and easier way againsed a rush

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Hansolo wrote (2010-09-22 14:59:30)

avatar Zergling

This terran build workes quite well but you rly need to block your choke with some depots to prevent from rush and to force your opponent to fight on the ramp (ecp with zealots cause if he got many they cant all attack)



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Readysetpause wrote (2010-09-18 00:10:17)

avatar Zergling

i think for toss opening, PERSONALLY i wouldn't invest in canons so early, just because you'd need to build a forge, and resources so early on should be spent on gates / tech to mobile units. If you're playing defensively, I suppose canons could help, but the best defense, imo, is a good offense! + plenty of scouting.

my build is:

9 pylon

CB 10/11th probe

12 gate

13 assim, core as soon as gate is done

15 pylon, CB warp research asap, gate as soon as minerals allow


also, fast tech to collosus.. idk its dangerous. I'd invest the minerals it'd take to tech to collosus towards 4gate stalker army.


also, build proxy pylons. and research blink. 

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Stochastic wrote (2010-08-19 18:59:02)

avatar Zergling

That Marine + Marauder pump works NICE

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Popkarma wrote (2010-08-04 08:04:37)

avatar Zergling

Now is this a general guide up to these points? Or can/should they be tailored to what is learned from scouting up to this point. IE: If you see a zerg fast expand should you change the build order?

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Phucee wrote (2010-04-17 02:13:00)

avatar Zergling

Hi, I'm very new to starcraft in general and have never played SC1, I'm getting familiar with the terminologies but what is 13 pool-gas for zerg? Does that mean at 13 drones, we use the 13th to build a pool then use another drone off of minerals to build gas at the same time pumping that replaced 13th drone? Thanks!

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Starcraftnp wrote (2010-03-28 20:26:48)

avatar Zergling

Im going to try this terran build

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Pokkit wrote (2010-03-25 17:09:57)

avatar Zealot

I feel like this is a stupid question, but it seems to be a general formatting thing among guides.  Is the number next to a particular step in the guide (Example: 16 Queen) the amount of harvesters you should have before building that particular unit/structure?

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Jame wrote (2010-03-25 12:10:45)

avatar Thor guide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awardedguide with a copper shield awarded shields awarded

That's much better Telecom. This guide is informative and has a much better presentation.

I'm gonna edit it a little to make it look neater.

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Tossdude wrote (2010-03-25 12:08:47)

avatar Zergling

Nice general guide, telecom.

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