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Terran strats

 by Nigol
3 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 1 vote )

These are some Terran strategies that I would like to see tried out:

Mass reapers. Why stop at only a few reapers? 10 reapers will obliterate any base defenses they have, and with the speed upgrade you can avoid most tier 2 units, all while keeping your opponent pinned in his base while you can expand and go to a higher tech.

Abuse of ghost sniping. With the new AI and que it should be really easy to get 5-6 ghosts, maybe walk them or drop them behind a mineral line and take out all the workers. This is much more subtle than a straight nuke and will give your opponent less time to react.

Use ravens like reavers. Get the hunter missile upgrade, plant a turret behind the line, wait for your opponent to move their workers away, kill the grouped up workers with one well timed missile.

Raven/banshee raid. Use point defense drone to protect banshees while they obliterate everything.

Quick 4 Hellion raid. Swapping your first factory out with a barracks that has reactor make 4 hellions and go raid the mineral line (probably more effective in a 2v2 where you could use protoss chrono boost). 3 shots will kill drones and probes, while you have a fourth for added splash damage. When workers move in a line to retreat there is a good possibility of one shotting about 10 of them.

Mass vikings. Would probably need to use this in combo with marauders and medivacs, but vikings seem to do pretty good damage in ground form, and a little micro against ground attackers like roaches, immortals, and marauders could potentially go a long way, and there is also just raiding the economy.

Basically, I feel that there are bunch of terran units that are suitable for economy raids, and feel that terrans should be focused on expanding and base defense while raiding the opponent to keep them bottled up in their own base. Once the terran has a sufficient economic advantage they can then leave their base with a more conventional army to go win the game.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (1)

Void rush

 by Alexh
3 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 1 vote )

The Void Ray is a very unique unit with a distinct Protoss feel. Few tier 2 units in the game can inflict so much damage in such little time, and so it did not take long for Protoss players to abuse the potential of this unit. Requiring only the Cybernetic Core as a prerequisite and the Stargate to manufacture, the first 200/150 Void Ray can be brought to the field very quickly – especially with some help from Chrono Boost. Protoss players would quickly block off the entrance to their base, hopefully prohibiting the enemy from knowing what they’re up to, and then send 2-4 Void Rays to attack their unsuspecting enemy right inside their home.

The usual harassment at this point of the game focuses on the mineral line, but Void Ray rushers do not compromise for such petty means and go straight for the Town Hall. Players who lack any sort of anti-air will lose immediately, while others who can defend will spend the next few minutes losing various units and buildings to hit and run attacks while the Protoss player solidifies his economy and expands. Players who wish to use this strategy must make sure they possess the ability to micromanage these attention-requiring units, which are quite slow and not heavily armored, while also taking the time to take care of their economy and production.


  • Stalkers with Sentry (Sentries are light and, with Guardian Shield, take little damage from Void Rays)
  • Mid-sized Marine groups
  • Hydralisks

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31 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : void rush  

Nigol 2v2 strat

 by Nigol
1.5 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 2 votes )

-Speedlings-> Mutas with Lots/Sentries
-Roach/Hydras mix of ground units and a couple of immortals.

Our issue is mainly early to mid game actually, most of the time die to MMM + ally pushes to the zerg base. Our rushes sometimes cannot get through two ramped races if they are Terran/Protoss and they end up countering by attacking zerg, even with some spine crawlers it sometimes is too much.

Any advice on the best approach for this team, I know for certain that as Zerg I will be attacked.

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25 Mar 2010 | Comments (0)
Tags : 2v2 strats  

How to run away and still have a chance!

 by Kollen
1 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 2 votes )

If a army of Zergs,Protosses,and Terrans come out of nowhere and destroyes almost everything,make the buildings fly in the sky to land.(It won`t work on Pros because is they are Zergs,he will bring in a bunch of hidrilasks and muskilats,he will kill all of your flying building.The Terrans will bring marines and wraiths to destroy them too.The Protosses?Well,if they are around, they would kick your @sses because they hav a lot of flying units,also strong!They have dragoons and other stuff.WARNING=U MUST HAVE A C.C TO DO THIS!!!!(Command Center).You have to have it because the SCVs can build new things!You can produce them at the C.C. If you don`t have it, your a GONER!


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22 May 2010 | Comments (2)
Tags : terran strategy!  

Zerg baneling discussion

 by Alexh
0 / 5 starstarstarstarstar ( 0 vote )

The structure needed to Build banelings. It is available after you have morphed a spawning pool. As with all Zerg structures, it releases a small amount of broodlings upon its death.

The baneling nest is actually a gigantic creature found on the planet char, it digests the minerals from the creep and uses those minerals to create the green material that a baneling is filled with. Though the creature can move, it's permanently bonded to the creep below it due to unknown reasons.

When the Zerg went into hiding, and evolved, one evolution they created was the Baneling. The Baneling can be morphed after this structure is complete. It contains all the DNA codes to do so and contains one upgrade for the Baneling.

Evolve Centrifugal Hooks - After this has been upgraded, It will allow to Baneling to roll, thus making it faster.

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24 Mar 2010 | Comments (2)
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